Low-Contributing Members of Your “Team” Enabled to Take Credit for Your Work Because of Office Socialism

Though America still clings to capitalism as best as it can (it’s even benefitting about ten people altogether), the social order inside the parameters of the office world thrive more closely on socialistic tendencies. That is to say, in between taking “team” photos where you try your best to not completely channel “dying inside,” you’re also probably stifling the rage you have for being the most hard-working member of your “team.”

While the others sit there “clandestinely” streaming episodes of their favorite shows or planning Travelzoo getaways they’ll never take, you actually deign to do the task your boss (called the “team leader” when things get really hokey) demanded. But because of office politics–a.k.a. socialism–it would be wrong to shout it from the mountaintop that everyone around you is a do-nothing lazy fuck coasting on the security of a steady paycheck because they have you to take on their workload regardless of what they do.