Leap Year, Leap Off Ledge

It doesn’t matter when you get an extra day in the year during the month of February. It only allows the office to take one more day of your middling little life. A leap year is often looked at as a positive, every four years occurrence. It’s an opportunity to get extra money during your pay period, have extra time to scrounge up enough for the rent. But it’s also more time for the cube to take hold of your soul in its vise grip. Worst of all, when the twenty-ninth day of February falls on a Monday, you’re forced to acknowledge that spring isn’t getting any closer.

In fact, a longer February spent in the bowels of Midtown really iterates the cold weather you’ve been subject to with no sign of spring in sight—which can only aggravate one’s Seasonal Affective Disorder. Hence, it’s no wonder you find yourself ascending the stairs to your building’s “rooftop deck,” which is somehow supposed to make you feel like you’re getting all the “cool perks” of a San Francisco tech office, to smoke your cigarette, whereupon you realize that February 29th is not only a fine day to watch the Amy Adams movie Leap Year, but also maybe leap off a building to promote a different kind of synergy for your business.