Kayak May Be Selling the Noose to Hang Itself, But Now You Can Pretend to Work More Effectively By Planning Your Vacation in Your Cubicle

As employees get evermore dissatisfied with sitting in their non-ergonomic chairs (cheap bastards all corporate employers are), it’s only natural that their wandering mind would gravitate toward the entire reason they endure working: the pleasures of brief leisure–two weeks max, you American suckas. And so, Kayak, being the third party travel empire that it is, saw an opportunity to turn all those fake spreadsheets office workers were putting up anyway and make a profit off of it for themselves.

Enter @work, an Excel-looking planner that finally puts all that time you waste at work to good use. So as your boss passes you by, he or she will, for once, see a genuine enthusiasm emanating from your aura as you compare prices between Greece or Montenegro. In fact, Kayak may have just created a big productivity problem within their own company, but it’s all worth it to up the interest in their business. Clearly though, the company has a vaguely sick sense of humor in that the title of the fake spreadsheet is an acronym for TPS report.