Judging People’s Fatness Based on the Drinks They Order at Starbucks

Starbucks has gotten an increasingly bad rap over the years for being neck and neck with the likes of McDonald’s in terms of the fatness it’s capable of causing. How does an establishment that specializes (or at least once specialized) in coffee induce weight gain? Well, if you ever stopped into a Midtown Starbucks on your way to work or during one of your rare midday breaks, you might see the many ways in which the corporation¬†is able to rack up people’s calorie counts.

First, you’ll notice the moderately fat people. Those are the ones who order milk-based beverages but are careful to get the non-fat kind, and never order a venti size. Then, you’ll see the types who shop at Lane Bryant or the plus size section of Forever 21. These are the ones who get something in the vein of venti caramel lattes more than once a day. Before they know it, they’ve ingested about one thousand calories worth of their caloric intake in drinks. And that’s how you judge people’s fatness (whether they are fat or will become fat) at Starbucks. Best stick to coffee in order to fit seamlessly into those corporate skirt suits.