I’ve Got A War in My Mind: Balancing Your Hatred of Working With Your Love of Luxury

It’s quite a challenge one is presented with when he or she abhors sitting in the same place for eight hours, but also loves the so-called trappings of wealth that come with it. Battling the self-loathing you feel for being allured by money and yet unable to fight all of the many things it can buy is one of the hardest ordeals an office worker must contend with on a daily basis.

As you sit there online shopping to pass the time at work–spending money as you make it–you wonder if you’ll ever be able to shun your material obsessions in favor of freedom. But then you think, I need those five to ten post-work drinks and that fur-lined jacket from Net-a-Porter and that anti-aging cream I heard works really well and those boots from Dolce and Gabbana. And even after you get those things, you find other possessions to lust after–because that’s what having a job is for: to buy more shit.