It’s Not Monday’s Fault

Monday is the most unloved of days, occasionally trumped by Sunday nights when the pain of thinking about Monday sinks in. But what if Monday didn’t mean recommencing a job you hated? One that you only did to make money to continue contributing to the unstoppable juggernaut called the American capitalist machine? It would lend an entirely different meaning to Monday–invigorate it with a new potential for loveability and respect.

Of course, the Midtown slaveowners don’t want their gulag workers thinking about alternatives to capitalism, regardless of the fact that it’s long been failing (ever since roughly around the time JFK got assassinated). Or worse, trying to cite Denmark and Norway as examples of the potential for democratic socialism. That’s when they’ll quell you with the illusion that it’s just Monday you hate, not capitalism–even though it’s clearly the other way around. And so, the only way out of hating Monday as an office worker is, well, to get a service job. Or to move to Scandinavia and become a mechanic. But basically, it all goes back to service, of which office work offers none.