Innocuous Emails, Including, But Not Limited to Ominous Warnings About Refrigerator Cleaning

Sharing a communal space with numerous people doesn’t stop at college (which is obviously where you need to have attended if you want to qualify for sitting on your ass at a desk all day). No, it continues indefinitely when you’re forced into the working world.

Being that nothing pays a living wage in New York City, many people are inclined to bring their lunches to work in order to add to the patheticness of the job/gulag atmosphere. As a result, the shared refrigerator is always stocked (see: Friends, “The One With Ross’ Sandwich”), which can lead to “confusion” for quite a few office workers.

To remind the employees of the company to clean up/eat the disgusting food from last night they brought into the office, mass emails will often be sent out at the end of the week notifying everyone to remove their shit from the refrigerator. It adds to the compendium of other innocuous emails, like those telling you what’s going on in the company, joining in on exercise walks during lunch or a lost phone in the bathroom.