“I’m Not Gonna Go Anymore”: Pulling an Office Space

I was too young when I first saw Office Space back in 1999 to fully appreciate the gravity of what it meant (junior high kids are such mongos when it comes to knowing how shitty life can be outside of junior high. At least then, you could express your anger with a Hot Topic tee. You damn sure can’t do that at work.). The wisdom it imparted. Like Kung Fu (which gets name checked in the movie), all of the knowledge you need to get out of working is presented.

The question is, do you have the gumption to take the advice? What would really happen if you didn’t go? They’d fire you–eventually. And it would be fucking beautiful. It’s just a matter of you finally reaching your theshold for pain and gaining the courage necessary to be able to use the tools given to you by Office Space. Once you do, you’ll be free.