I’ll Do It, But Under Duress

Though straightforward prostitution is so often looked upon with contemptful judgment, there is really little difference between the office worker and a whore. And yet, when we spread our legs for the dough, we can at least do it snootily and with a malice-tinged countenance. Bearing, in essence, an expression that says: “I’m gonna hate fuck the shit out of you.” The “you,” in question, of course, being your boss, with his or her demands for you to put out.

However, the attitude you “put out” doesn’t have to mirror the pluckiness indicated by your work. Then again, many a manager gets off on this sort of thing–seeing their employee look miserable in her resignation to the requisitions of the job. Like a woman of the night putting in her time on the streets with minimal return for her embarrassment and prostration, the office worker skulks about the office in performing her duties–all in simple askance of a marginal paycheck. “Show us your ass. Shake it for us, baby. Do that dance you do so well for us, baby.” So you do. Because what else is there when you weren’t born to the rich parents your now former fabulousness deserved?