If Toys ‘R’ Us Is Closing & You Can’t Ride the Ferris Wheel Anymore, Then What’s the Point of Working in Midtown?

In order to maintain one’s “childlike” essence while working in Midtown, it is, surprisingly, key to sanity to go to the Toys ‘R’ Us on 44th and Broadway, sift through the herds of Midwestern children and ride the Ferris wheel. Following this, it is imperative to leave the store immediately so that the elation–not the annoyance of high-pitched preadolescent voices–stays with you.

But now that the last of the giant toy stores (helmed in closing by FAO Schwartz) is shuttering its doors today, where will office workers go to find their zen–to recapture in some small way the innocence they once possessed before being raped by the world of paycheck-driven thought processes? Because it damn sure isn’t going to be The Pennsy.