Having To Go Into Work Sick Because You’ve Already Called Out Pretending to Be Sick Too Many Times Before

Occasionally, karma proves itself to be a real thing by coming back to bite you in the ass after all the many times you’ve taken “mental health days” as opposed to sick ones. Eventually, you’ll find that things aren’t as your previously thought, and you aren’t immortal or even indestructible.

This realization comes when a fever seizes your body during an important week of deadlines/propping your body up in a desk chair so as to prove that you give one iota of a shit. As you struggle through your sickness, however, the one upside to it as that your co-workers and employer will actually believe that you’re dedicated enough to come in when you feel like the reaper is pecking at the last of you with his sickle. Either that, or they’ll despise you for spreading your sickness. Then again, they probably already despise you anyway because, like all pod people, they can sense when somebody isn’t one of them.