Going to Work in the Wake of Daylight Savings Time, Spring Edition

The existence of daylight savings time will always be beyond an office worker. The entire concept was invented to accommodate farmers and other landworker types who needed to follow the sun’s schedule in order to successfully yield results from their sowed seeds.

But now that it’s the twenty-first century, and like, farming isn’t really a thing anymore unless you’re in the Midwest, maybe it’s time to stop torturing others with the shift in/loss of time. Going to work the Monday after daylight savings time goes into effect is a nightmare with regard to of loss of sleep and generally fucking with your head–especially when it comes to how much slower existence occurs within the confines of your cube. Having to wake up at a technically earlier time is not something Mother Nature intended. And yet daylight savings time was invented to cater to her.

All I know is, maybe this whole “DST” thing should only occur in towns that still rely on the land. Because, right now, most people rely on the office for their daily bread.