Going to Work Hungover

Who among us hasn’t had to force ourselves to go to work in the midst of an excruciating hangover? In order to cope with the day to day grind–the crippling commitment to being somewhere at a certain time–one must do his best to defy the rules in any way he can. That means getting totally fucked up on weeknights.

The only issue with this, however, is having to wake up in a timely fashion the next morning. Oh, and getting rid of that dull pain in your head that makes you look and feel like shit as you try to navigate through your post-drunken haze as best you can without letting on what an alcoholic you are to your co-workers and boss. No, going to work hungover is not for the faint of heart. It takes patience, breakfast sandwiches, coffee and many, many Advil. And don’t forget utter shamelessness.