Getting A Drink At Beer Authority

If you ever find yourself at Beer Authority at any point during your Midtown career, you know you’ve hit rock bottom on that particular day–and probably in general. Unlike Hell’s Kitchen staple Rudy’s, Beer Authority is the type of place you go in order to attempt to not seem like a dreg of humanity, when, clearly, you are as you’re hanging out in Midtown after six o’ clock.

Usually, the suggestion to go to what may or may not be one of the gates to hell is always someone else’s–chiefly, another co-worker with no life of his own. Should you get sucked into going into Beer Authority without at least putting up some sort of fight, consider yourself an irrevocable member of the Midtown working set, forever doomed to troll the area after hours (and often on lunch breaks as Beer Authority opens conveniently at 8 a.m.).