Gauging That You’re Far Less High-Powered Than Everyone Else By Hearing Other People In Your Building Wake Up Before You

There is something to be said for the uniqueness of living in an apartment building in New York. If you’re in the same broke ass category as everyone else, it generally means you can pretty much hear every other tenant’s business through your walls. And, in being able to auditorily apprehend their daily routine, you’ll soon discover just how non high-powered you are by New York City–specifically Midtown–standards.

That’s right, deadbeat office workers exist. You know, the ones who are constantly tardy to the so-called party–rolling in roughly thirty minutes to an hour late with coffee in their hand and blaming it on a train delay. Because while he or she was listening to everyone else in his or her apartment building go about the hygienic tasks of the morning, he or she decided to sustain a modicum of youth and leisure by remaining in bed for another twenty minutes.