Fuck, It’s January And There’s No Vacation In Sight

The excitement of the holiday season known as December serves as an ecstasy-like drug, making you elated and blissfully unaware of any sort of fallout that’s about to cut your happiness short. That fallout is January, an interminable month that feels particularly lengthy in the corporate world, when projections are being made for the “first quarter” (a term too financial to take seriously).

Not only is it the start of another year at the same job in the same cube, but it is also a sobering reminder that your next vacation is nowhere on the horizon as you endure mercilessly cold day after mercilessly cold day hauling your ass to and from Midtown on the boxcar known as the subway. What feels like two months is really one wrapped into the bitch we call January, by far the worst month of the year to get back into the working groove.