Flexible Shackle: An Office Myth

There is a myth about working in an office of the twenty-first century. That myth is, of course, the existence of a “work/life balance.” This is perhaps the most odious, false term ever coined. Apart from “working mother.” It is with this phrase that the office powers that be are essentially telling you, “You have a flexible shackle. But it’s still a shackle. And never fucking forget that you’re wearing it.”

And what does a shackle always inevitably do? Bring you back to your master. There is no avoiding the inevitable cracking of a whip if you try to further loosen the so-called flexibility of your chains. The master isn’t just your boss either, but, invariably, money. We’re all toeing a delicate line between slave and prostitute at any given moment. But sure, let them convince you the shackle is flexible.