First Rule of Work Club: Do Not Talk About When There’s No Work

For some reason, there are weirdos in an office setting who ask for more work when they don’t have any. But, like Fight Club, there is a cardinal rule of Work Club: do no talk about when there’s no work. Just keep your fuckin’ mouth shut, pretend like you’re doing something very important even though you’re really just trolling the internet for all the things you’ll be able to buy once you get your next paycheck.

But no, certain office workers with no aspirations outside of their job (who were probably hall monitors or honors students in high school) feel the need to actually let the boss know when they don’t have work, in turn, tipping the boss off to the fact that you probably don’t have any work either–which fucks up the entire day you had planned to write the rest of your screenplay or fill out a grad school application as part of your master plan to escape the office scene forever.