Fighting the Desire to Get Back on The Train to Return Your House in the Morning

There are times when I’m transferring at Union Square to get to Midtown and the Brooklyn-bound L train will pass by right as I’m getting off at the 8th Avenue-bound side of the track, and it’s all I can do not to get back on the one that’s headed toward BK. It’s right there, beckoning me not to continue my journey into Midtown. What makes the temptation even greater is the backlog of people lumbering to get up the stairs that lead to the N/Q/R transfer.

With all this extra time to just stand there not only hating everyone and wondering why it takes ten minutes for a horde to walk up some flights of stairs, you also have plenty of tantalization to run to the Brooklyn-bound L at the last second and take yourself back home where it’s safe and no one ever bothers you for TPS Reports and the like. But, for some inexplicable reason, the pull to Midtown, money and masochism is far greater.