Feeling Like Alex With the Eye Dealios in A Clockwork Orange

Before we start work at a job after college to make money, we all feel a lot like Alex in A Clockwork Orange: free to do whatever we want and wreak havoc upon the world (but usually ourselves) as we see fit. Then post-graduate life comes along and we begin to feel like the imprisoned version of Alex.

And if you’ll remember one of the many infamous scenes from the film, as part of his comeuppance for formerly having fun and enjoying himself, he must endure watching heinous films, one in particular being Nazi war crimes set to the tune of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony while eye dealios are inserted into his sockets so he can’t close them. That’s kind of like what being at work feels like: staring at a screen all day that you’re rarely allowed to look away from lest you be accused of “not doing anything.”