Feelin’ Like Nola Rice When Your Boss Plays the Aggressive Game of Asking You to Do Things

There’s no good time for one’s boss to tell her what she should be doing with her life (bitch, you ain’t my mom). But the worst time is definitely Monday, when it should already be enough that you’ve even bothered to show up to the cube-shaped prison. That you’ve pried yourself out of the weekend coma long enough to dress in non-pajamas.

And yet, to the boss that represents Chris Wilton (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) harassing his Nola Rice employees, this is part of what makes his life worth living. Playing that “aggressive game” of constant hassling and provocation simply feels too good, too empowering to resist. Regardless of sensitivity to the day of the week. Unfortunately, unlike Nola Rice, you can’t just coquettishly ask, “Did anyone ever tell you, you play a very aggressive game?” and get out of doing things you don’t want to.