Explaining Your Ensemble to Your Boss

Once you’ve passed that initial presentation vs. actual product stage in your job, there are often going to be moments when you’ll probably have to explain your ensemble to your boss. As you become less and less enthusiastic about what you’re doing there, you’ll find it more of a challenge to get up on time, which, in turn, gives rise to donning a lot of random shit for the sole benefit of not showing up naked.

You’re going to look a lot like Little Edie, to be honest–and that don’t even fly on Long Island, let alone in the corporate world. So you might want to think about coming up with viable reasons for your “looQ,” like presenting a certificate that proves you’re autistic or in some sort of continuing adult education fashion program that excuses your “avant-garde” style. Or hey, maybe let them fire you for your appearance and then collect unemployment or sue. Bottom line: it never hurts anyone to dress like Little Edie.