Serving corporate realness can go one of two ways as a woman: you can either become a cold, calculating bitch who tramples over everyone else for a title and increased salary or you can just fade into the background. For the most part, women like to opt for the former choice. Because if you’re going to be relegated into one of two categories in the corporate world, you might as well go for the one that’s going get you out of needing to have roommates when you’re in your thirties. Like a woman’s standard sexual labels–virgin or whore–the female office archetypes can be very two-dimensional and limiting. But so it goes.

When you transcend into the execubitch, you can turn your persona on and off as freely as, say Martha Stewart or Gypsy Rose Lee. The key is knowing when to use your bitchery and terrifyingness to its full effect and when to temper it a bit with the ultimate secret weapon: faux sweetness. Because the full-on cunt rag always ends up getting taken down if she doesn’t know how to hide her sociopathy just a hair. That’s why Hillary Clinton has stayed on top for so long.