Drinking Wine From A Coffee Mug At Your Desk

Have you ever noticed that all your cares just melt away the second you take one sip of alcohol? You haven’t? Hmm, maybe you haven’t become an alcoholic yet, which probably means you haven’t been working at the same desk job long enough. In any case, once you finally get wise to the magic of wine and hard liquor, you’ll understand.

At this time, it will be very important to you to start drinking wine from your coffee mug. If you choose the right shade of red, it looks just brown/black enough to pass. As for the smell and the side effect of wine teeth, this can all be remedied with the simple explanation that you bought a perfume called Wino and the trick of brushing your teeth before drinking (an effective method every alky should know) to prep your teeth’s pores for the sweet nectar, as well as choosing a low-acidity wine that won’t stain your chompers as easily. Once you’ve mastered these simple steps to drinking wine as coffee, you’re sure to become a much happier employee.