Dressing Presidentially to Be Ironic on Not My President’s Day

While many might assume that President’s Day–like Martin Luther King Jr. Day–is a natural holiday for everyone, there is quite a large sect of office workers still forced to go into their boxes when they should be celebrating George Washington’s birthday (technically February 22nd), not to mention his wig.

But this year, considering all things, if one isn’t able to protest today in a conventional manner, why not fuck with their heads by dressing in a Hillary/Lindsay in the courtroom-inspired pantsuit? Everyone in the office is going to downplay their looQ anyway because they resent both the current president and having to be at work on President’s Day, which somehow just rechannels their bitterness toward the führer. Even so, this doesn’t mean you can’t 1) let your own presidential nature shine (meaning you like to take control over a group of people that are mostly dolts) and 2) pay homage to the best president of the U.S., Eleanor Roosevelt (who never really got to wear pants which is probably why she had to don them so metaphorically).