Dining at Duane Reade

More than any other New York-specific chain, Duane Reade holds a special place in the Midtown office worker’s heart for its ability not just to offer an air conditioned place to hang out, do your makeup before you go to work and thumb through magazines and greeting cards as a way to pass time on a random fifteen (or thirty) minute break, but also because, well, you can buy sushi there.

While, no, Duane Reade has not yet made indoor seating available to its customers for a truly elegante dining experience, its offer of questionable sushi at an affordable price is just another example of how it is literally a one-stop shop for everything you need. And if you happen to get sick after eating from the plastic container, you’ll never truly know if it was the sushi or your reaction to having to return to your desk and spend another four hours pretending to be productive. But you can always just take another fifteen minute break to return to the Duane Reade to buy Tums, or maybe loose razorblades if the day takes a particularly sharp turn for the macabre.