Death on W. 40th

A few thoughts come to mind when you hear the headline “Man Fatally Stabbed in Midtown.” One of them is: Was he a disgruntled office worker who finally couldn’t take it anymore and had to act out against someone–anyone–and then ended up getting stabbed for unleashing his repressed anger? But upon learning that it may or may not have been a homeless man, one’s thoughts turn even grimmer when thinking about the irony of a non-working man dying in a hub of job-related stress.

The brutality took place near 40th and 7th. As of now, little is known about what surrounded the incident or why the man was stabbed. Who knows? Maybe the person who stabbed him was a Patrick Bateman type just relinquishing some of his bloodlust as a result of office life. In any case, The New York Times building asked to see the footage, perhaps wanting to confirm that none of their nearby employees had anything to do with it.