Death, Friday the 13th & Work: Natural Word Associations

There is no greater fear for the office worker than dying at the same job after spending roughly thirty years doing the same nondescript thing in a cubicle–that is, no greater fear except having to go to work on Friday the 13th.

In addition to usual landmines that await (overhearing chatter about meaningless things, like Game of Thrones), your bad luck intensifies approximately tenfold when this ominous real life horror movie comes into play. A blemish that can’t be covered with the Chanel foundation your salary can’t afford, an impromptu meeting to discuss your “performance” and being asked to stay late are just some of the grenades that might go off when you foolishly opt not to call out sick on Friday the 13th. But, potentially, worst of all, you could very well die at your cube on this day if you’re just cursed enough.