Dealing With Other People’s Opinions In An Open, Yet Confined Space Where You Can’t Escape Them

Apart from the body to body feeling of walking through the Midtown/Times Square cess pool, one also has to deal with taking unwanted note of the various opinions of people (usually psychos) expressed through large, abrasive signage. Surprisingly, the bulk of these signs pertain to religion, a cause that one would have imagined most gave up on long ago, particularly in New York City.

It’s possible that because these people psychos know Midtown/Times Square is the hub for the prized pig of religious demographics–the Midwest/South–they choose deliberately to flock to this area. But for the rest of us heathens who worship the only god there is–Material–it’s just a hair on the irksome side. In fact, it makes one want to rip the sign from the hands of the zealot who was probably once an alcoholic and/or drug addict, stomp on it and scream, “I love Satan!” It would at least provide plenty of iPhone fodder for the passing tourists.