Cube Decor: Lending the Illusion of Being “At Home” At Work

Many corporate rulers like to encourage cube decor a.k.a. accoutrements of a personal life that are supposed to remind you what and who you’re really working for. It’s a glorious tactic, insisting on family photos or pictures of luxurious vacations–all so you can remember why you don’t quit on a daily basis: for money. Plus, considering how much time one spends at work, you might as well decorate it like it’s your goddamn house because it essentially is.

We all have a weakness of some sort that requires monetary payment–from facials and blowouts to having a pet or a child. Everything worth having in this life costs money–even love (no one wants to fuck a poor person, after all. It’s just not chic.).  And so, as easy as it is to say that money doesn’t buy happiness, it most assuredly does; what they leave out in the saying is that it buys misery in equal measure. But that’s what the cube decor is for, to help stamp out the anguish of working by serving as a token of why you work. So please, don’t stop putting up images of before and after plastic surgery cases.