Computer Love

Like most intense forms of love, that which you might originally harbor for a computer–the thing that gives you access to everything you need in life (jobs, porn, concert tickets, etc.)–can quickly devolve into a sort of hatred. Sure, you still respect it and know that you can’t live without it, but this knowledge also begins to weigh on you, makes you resent the computer even more.

This acerbity toward the machine you once revered inevitably comes from so much time being forced to spend in front of it in the workplace. At first, you found it enjoyable to sit on your arse and stare–it was far better than the overly dynamic lifestyle of that service job you dabbled in briefly. But now, having to be welded to the screen all day has turned you both batty and contemptuous. There is no computer love anymore, and all at once, you’re starting to have nightmares about being surrounded by them all the time. As though a pile of mammoth and obsolete ones are going to swallow you whole. Ah, but that’s the other thing about being around a computer all day. It makes reality even more subjective.