Co-Workers Who Brag About Not Taking Any Vacation Time

It’s no secret that the United States is the only country in the world that prides itself on giving employees the amount of vacation time it takes just to travel to anywhere good as opposed to, say, Australia, which prides itself on giving employees a standard of four weeks a year.

Maybe this is why the workplace breeds the type of losers who make it a point to brag to those who actually use their vacation time that they haven’t used any of theirs all year. Firstly, in what possible mind could this ever be deemed something worthy of boasting about? And secondly, why are so many office workers unwilling to leave their wretched post in Midtown when they have all the money in the world to travel? It all smacks of the gulag, having to stay “relevant” at work by competing with the weirdos who refuse to ever take a fucking break from it.