Clock In, Clock Out, Clock Someone in the Face

The entire notion of “clocking in” and “clocking out” not only conjures images of prehistoric Fred Flinstone doing the same, but also the way in which you’re giving away a monitored amount of time to the man. The antiquated practice of the time clock is indicative of the trap we continue to allow ourselves to be ensnared by.

Where salaried positions are concerned (which is what office life generally tends to favor), one must simply ask: where’s the trust? Can’t an office worker do his job in a timely fashion and leave at his convenience without being a the mercy of a clock? It’s a goddamn salaried position after all. But alas, what would the working world be if not a series of inane practices and latent conspiracies? It’s enough to make you want to clock someone (ideally a CEO) in the face in addition to clocking out on your way to the train.