Businesses That Specifically Tailor Themselves to Midtown

There is, as any Midtown office worker knows, limitless moneymaking potential to be had in the area. Ironically, however, this moneymaking potential isn’t so much for the office workers themselves as it is for the businesses catering to their escapist needs. And what do those escapist needs typically consist of?: Food and fashion.

Take, for example, the appearance of a Fresh & Co. ad with the tag line, “From farm to desk.” Very grim marketing indeed, but nonetheless effective for its purposes. You see, there’s so much profit to be made off of human misery, and there is no greater manifestation of that than Midtown. So many businesses bank on this–the Midtown worker’s need to distract himself with accruing as much needless shit as possible, especially with regard to food consumption. And then there are your H&Ms, Urban Outfitterses, Victoria’s Secrets and Forever 21s to appeal to the ultimate demographic: the working girl who just wants to look fly after hours.