Business Casual in Heatwave

There are some people so consumed with money and the making of it that it is often said they will burn in hell à la Gordon Gekko for such unbridled avarice. And then there are those already burning in the hell known as Midtown during a heatwave while dressed in business casual attire–no doubt from the Cole Haan/Tory Burch/Michael Kors rat king of bad faux luxury fashion.

Though most people in the modern era have zero predilection toward putting on clothes that don’t look like they were purchased from a giant pile at Costco, the last vestiges of encouraging “dressed up” style still exist in the Midtown nerve center, a place where, ironically, no one should feel compelled to put their best sartorial foot forward.

As though part of the punishment for consenting to slavery, office workers are forced to wear such “polished” attire as skirt suits, “smart” flats, button-front shirts and slacks–all masking the fact that they might as well be topless, dripping in sweat while they build the proverbial pyramids of nothingness for their corporate imprisoners. But what can one say, the devil loves a well-dressed servant.