Bored As All Get Out During Training

If there’s one thing that’s more painstaking than working itself, it’s “training” to work. Which seems almost as useful as Judy Benjamin training for the army. In essence, you’re preparing for something that you can’t fully understand until the daily battle that is “9 to 5” comes. So why bother trying to let someone “explain” it to you until you’ve lived the nightmare?

I guess they think you can fully know the plight of the gulag by attempting to expound upon it in detailed accounts of their “system,” and maybe, if you’re lucky, they’ll even tell you where you can place your boca at the trough that is Midtown–“there’s just so many food options now!” But suddenly, you feel less inclined to recite, “Give us this day our daily bread,” as you begin to have a full bank account and an empty heart. And instilling boredom is a fundamental part of cultivating that emptiness. But hey, this is what you were trained for ad nauseum for days–as though a testament to how (not) long it takes to extract the human soul for payment.