Blending In

There is no more important skill at the workplace than the ability to blend in, to fall back, as it were. The only room for the Aries and Leo types is in management, and let’s be honest these are really roles fit for the domineering and dictatorial nature of a Taurus or Scorpio. In short, do not stand out, or your personality will be quelled–beat into submission after days, months and years of being dulled from abuse and disuse.

If you aren’t easily mutable, you’ll be made as such, forced into the scrim that is the fabric of corporate life. There are ways of making you comply, understand? Dress codes, handbooks, sexual harassment meetings (which often apply more to women’s lusty needs than men’s these days) and heil Hitler gatherings to promote your enthusiasm for the enterprise. If you don’t blend in, don’t worry, dear office worker. You will.