Being the Person HR Constantly Needs to Console Other People Over

Everyone in the office life has their preordained roles. Like manifest destiny, there is no avoiding who you are meant to be in the cast of characters in this script called Sell Your Soul. This means that, without fail, there must be a so-called antagonist in the scenario, usually the oblivious, disinterested office worker who ends up unwittingly fucking up other people’s projects as a result of his or her carelessness. Of course, there are also more conventional forms of the villain–e.g. the shrew who’s overweight and hates her life because she never got married and had kids (or because she did) and therefore feels inclined to take her suppressed rage out on everyone else.

Whatever variation of the foe–or the person painted as the foe–he or she is always the one HR must deal with when comforting others about the villain’s alleged antics in ruining their day-to-day lives. Though, in actuality, all office antagonists are greatly misunderstood–and rife with a level of character complexity that all the others lack in their prosaic fall in line “goodness.”