Being Condemned for Enthusiasm Levels in The Workplace

Like high school, the workplace is a hotbed of rumors, accusations, guilt-induced activities and general sentiments of feeling like a pariah. If you don’t mold yourself into the category of jock, head of a club (besides drama) or, worst of all, class president, you will be left for dead on the sidelines of getting a raise and feeling “a part of something.”

But for those who were a combination of Andrea the Goth from Daria and Daria herself in high school, life is only going to continue to be a rough road for you in a working environment. Not only will your co-workers never bother with the show of inviting you out for horrendous after-work activities like bowling, but your boss will constantly “take you aside” to talk to you about your attitude and how it can be improved. But the best thing to do in that case is extend your hand out in a shrug-esque manner like Daria at the end of the Splendora theme song.