Attempting to Thoughtfully List Your Job Qualifications

After the initial hurdle of actually getting an employer to pick you from the slush of emails they receive, the next component to successfully securing a job is making the interviewer believe that you have any qualifications whatsoever for the position–which, if you managed to get through even half of high school, you probably do as it doesn’t take much to type arbitrarily on a keyboard.

Even so, if you’re a bad liar or merely a transparent and earnest person, getting through such an interview with a straight face may prove a challenge. Because although you want so badly to tell them that you’re the man for the job, you also know deep down that your heart isn’t into soul-selling. Hence, the expression of perplexity on your visage whilst in the midst of listing off all your pertinent capabilities that suddenly find you scratching your head as to how you even got called in to be considered for this position.