Assignments and Assignations

In the office world, office workers are very busy pretending to do work that is meaningful. This “busyness” (or “business” depending on how you choose to spell the word) comes in the form of assignments. Whether verbally or electronically assigned (mercifully, it will be neither if you’re enough of a faceless cog in the wheel), you will inevitably be asked in some way to perform an inane task that is part of your “job description.”

The assignments that define you are what comprise your “assignation” to the company. No matter what your title (for that is irrelevant if “lateral moves” have taught us anything), you are a part of the corporation–you belong to it, and this is your sole assignation as a result of completing your daily assignments without running out of the building in rebellion. Thus, assignments and assignations are directly correlated in the corporate dimension.