Arm For Sale

There are several prices to pay when you go down the path of office life. The chief one is, of course, your sanity–in spite of the ironic fact that you’re expected to be “normal” whilst working for corporate America. Truth be told, the biggest weirdos you’ll meet reside there.

Beyond the simple sacrifice of your mind, you must also give your arm–usually the right one since most people are not communists and tend to be right-handed. Why, you ask? Because of something called repetitive wrist movement (sounds somehow masturbatory doesn’t it?). Your arm performs the same needless function all day–typing on a computer and moving a mouse–and therefore makes you prone to injury and permanent inflexibility. And there’s nothing “ergonomic” office furniture can do to alleviate the destruction. You’re selling your goddamn arm to the company for the price of a song.