Anti-Vision Quest: Working Ruins Eyesight

Amid the ceaseless number of reasons why a person should not subject themselves to the pratfalls of the workplace is not only office booty, but also compromised vision. While you’re sitting there staring at the window you have open for online shopping, alternating back and forth between a pretend spreadsheet and a Word document, you’ll soon forget that you’re supposed to blink.

About six months in to the operation called being an office worker, you’ll want to capitalize on your shitty vision insurance to get an eye exam. The optometrist will tell you that your once perfect 20/20 peepers have probably been dulled because of how frequently you stare at a screen. He or she will then recommend that you make sure to “exercise” your eyes by occasionally staring off at another point in the room instead of just your screen. But what should really be advised is that you uncuff your shackle and fly away before you’re not just metaphorically blind, but literally blind as well.