Always Working, Always Broke

It’s strange and inexplicable, but it seems that the more a person works, the more they continue to simply break even, which is, in New York City, the equivalent of being broke. When people go on about experiencing all New York has to offer, they fail to mention that you need both time and money to enjoy said experiences. Sure, there are your garden variety free events, particularly during the summer, but you’re invariably going to be unable to attend any of them because they all require waiting in line at odd hours of the day during which time you’re trapped in your cube.

Indeed, it seems as though a person is better off remaining poverty-stricken and unemployed in this town–at least this leaves more available time for masturbation, pot-smoking and attending free events. Plus, the less you have to give financially, the less people (i.e. the government) can demand of you. When you’re working and breaking even/not really saving any money, it calls into question whether it’s Midtown/New York’s fault or the fact that the more you make, the more you’re comfortable spending. Whatever the case may be, a steady paycheck ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Honest. If you don’t believe me, just look at L’Wren Scott. She was always working and was once rumored to have committed suicide over bankruptcy.