All Homeless People In Midtown Used to Be Office Workers: A Theory

Though it’s pretty to think that the real reason such a high concentration of homeless people gather in Midtown is because they know tourists are suckers for a sob story or “Need Money 4 Weed” sign, one can’t help but think that maybe they were once office workers themselves–finally come to their senses about working and throwing in the towel for a dynamic life far more complex than the one presented by sitting in front of a screen all day.

When you see them lying there, it is as though they are at peace. Their cares are different now, realer. Rather than having to worry about turing in the proverbial TPS reports, they focus on more important things, like basic sustainment. If you look closely enough in their eyes, you can see that they know something you don’t. Something you have yet to learn: homelessness is better than a conventional office existence.